Patient Stories

  • I was a patient of yours for many years when I was a nun at the Poor Clares Monastery. I left about 5 years ago, and wanted to tell you that every dentist I've seen since then has been overawed at the dental work that you did! Today I had a cleaning, and the dentist said that the work was done so well that there's no need to touch it. He was so impressed. It was done at least 10 years ago. God bless you, Dr. Cooper!

    Barbara Wallace

  • I am back in Shanghai and I just went to the dentist. I have now been to the dentist in AUS and China. In fact every dentist I have seen other than you has told me that my two front teeth which you did a long long time ago are "amazing!" The Chinese were especially impressed! Just want to say thanks again, and when I return, I'm sure I will have plenty of work for you.

    Oliver Stahl

  • I first met Dr. Cooper in 1981 when I had an emergency dental problem. Upon calling Dr. Cooper, I was seen within the hour. His staff and he were very caring and concerned about my problem. Dr. Cooper fixed my tooth and I have been going to him ever since. I told all of my co-workers about my great experience and now they all go to him too.

    Mary McFarland

  • Dr. Cooper is without a doubt the best, most caring dentist I ever had. Before him, all my dentists were cold, impersonal and scary. Now, thanks to Dr. Cooper, I actually look forward to going to the dentist. Thank you Dr. Cooper!

    Eric Petersen

  • My whole family goes to Dr. Cooper. We wouldn't go anywhere else.

    Nancy Smith

  • I can't believe I actually look forward to going to the dentist. Dr. Cooper has completely changed my perspective.

    Fred Gamble

  • I tell all my friends about Dr. Cooper. He's the best dentist around.

    Marlene Jacobs

  • Dr. Cooper saw me on a holiday when nobody else would. I will always be a loyal patient.

    Alex Petersen

  • Thank you Dr. Cooper for saving my smile. You're the absolute best dentist ever.

    Kristine Locke

  • After breaking my front tooth Dr. Cooper had me fixed up and looking better than before.... all within an hour! What service!

    Michael Jacobs

  • Not only is Dr. Cooper an excellent dentist, but he's an outstanding comedian as well. I've never had so much fun at the dentist.

    Jeremy Fisher